Save our planet

We are fully committed to doing all we can to help save our planet and to protect our natural environment.  We have created natural areas on our land where we encourage natural plant and flower growth.  This has had an immediate impact as the number of butterflies and bees has increased substantially.  

We ask our guests to help us to do all that we can to reduce our impact on the environment.  Here is how you can help: –


Every Gîte has two bins, one contains a black bin bag, one has a yellow bin bag.  The yellow bin bag should be filled with the following items: –


Metal food containers


Paper and cardboard.

The black bin bag should be used for all items that cannot be recycled.

Glass bottles can be recycled, there is a bin at the Salle Polyvalente.

Please ask us if you need any advice on what can or cannot be recycled.


Each drop counts!  As summers become hotter, the amount of rainfall is decreasing.  Please limit your use of water as much as possible.


We have fitted LED bulbs wherever possible within the Gîte building but please remember to switch off the lights when you do not need them.  This significantly reduces our electricity usage.   Please consider using the washing machines and dishwashers after 10pm at night; this is our cheap rate time.

please help us to help our planet, thank you


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