extreme sports at VéloGîtes

Guaranteed to raise your heart-rate, the range of extreme sports in our area is fantastic!

Bungee jumping

Driving time 15 minutes

L’isle Jourdain is just 15 minutes away from VéloGîtes.  Here you will find the viaduct which stands almost 50 metres above the Vienne river.  Oxygene 40 organise bungee jumps from the top at regular periods throughout the year. At €55 per jump for groups up to 5 people, reducing down to €40 for groups of 15 or more, are you brave enough to give it a go?

For more information click here.

Zip line & Catapult

Driving time 15 minutes

Also operating from the viaduct site at L’Isle Jourdain, you can take a zip line trip THROUGH the viaduct across the river.  There are two lengths, one of 202 metres, the other, 505 metres!

If that wasn’t enough, the Abréso team have just introduced a human catapult option for 2020!

You can finish your day off with a “go ape” tree top adventure.  For more information, please click here.

Water jump park

Driving time 45 minutes

Fancy flying off the end of a ramp in to a large lake?  You can at the Gliss-up water jump park located in Vivonne.  The ramps vary from green (easy) all the way up to black (extreme) and sessions start from just €15 for an hour of fun. 

The park is suitable for children as young as 4 years old and adults up to 80!  For more information please click here.