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Animals On Site

We love animals and have created a “mini-farm” with a small flock of sheep, some hilarious goats, our two alpaca boys, Toffee and Chewbacca and “the boss” of the farm, Wilbur our donkey.  Guests who would like to join us at feeding time are more than welcome.  We have two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Bruno and Lottie, who may bark their welcome to you when you arrive.  For people who are not comfortable with dogs, please be assured that our hounds are not allowed to roam the grounds.  They are maintained within our fenced area and only allowed out when on leads and accompanied by us.   You may also see our cats (we have five rescue cats) around the grounds (probably hunting!)  Due to the number of animals that we have, we unfortunately cannot accept other dogs on to our property and hope that you understand. 

The animals at VéloGîtes


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