We launched VéloGîtes in 2020, a year when the Covid virus affected everyone.  We are very lucky that our gites have separate entrances and our guests have plenty of room to social distance whilst still enjoying a fabulous holiday.   In accordance with the guidelines issues by the French authorities we have introduced a series of measures to protect our guests.

Cleaning / Disinfecting  Our gîte building is thoroughly cleaned after guests have departed.  We also now carry out a disinfecting routine which takes some time!  Please therefore help us by leaving the gîte no later than 10:00 on the day of your departure.  Check-in times are after 17:00.

Hand sanitizer gel  We have installed a hand sanitizer gel in the entrance foyer, by the wooden garden shed, and by the entrance to the animal enclosure.  Please use these as often as you feel necessary.

Swimming pool   We have increased the chlorine levels in the pool to help kill any virus.  This may irritate eyes a little so we would suggest using swimming goggles.  VéloGîtes often has several different groups staying here, as such, we ask that guests observe social distancing as much as possible, especially when in the swimming pool.   We have a large number of sunbeds for your use and a large area so that you can maintain some distance between different guests.   We have locked both gates so that guests have to enter the pool area via the wooden shed.  There is hand sanitizer gel dispenser at the entrance, please use this before entering the shed.

Gîte entrances Under normal circumstances, guests enter and leave their gîtes via the entrance doors leading from the main foyer areas.  We would ask that you enter and leave your gîtes via your terrace.

Social distancing Please observe the recommended distance of 2 meters between groups.

Masks & communal areas  We ask that if you are within the communal areas, masks should be worn at all times.  This is for your protection.

Washing hands  All guidelines regarding keeping safe from Covid-19 state that washing hands properly is one of the most effective ways of reducing risk.

Bed linen and towels We have a laundry service which washes bed linen and towels at high temperatures.   We will give you a laundry bag at the start of your holiday with us and ask that you place all laundry and towels within this bag prior to your departure.

Windows / doors  On your departure day we ask that you open your windows and doors and leave them open to air the rooms (you can use chairs to help keep them open).  This will help protect us against Covid-19.

Feeling unwell? If you begin to feel unwell, please inform us immediately!

Having to cancel your holiday? Your booking is confirmed at VéloGîtes when we receive a payment of 25% for your holiday.  The balance is paid (including Taxe de Séjour) 8 weeks before your arrival.  We do strongly recommend that you have adequate holiday insurance to cover Covid-19 restrictions and this should be the first route for you to be reimbursed. If your insurance company refuse to reimburse you then we will follow the applicable law in France.  In March 2020, the French authorities introduced a law. If (due to Government instruction) you are unable to take your holiday, we will offer you a voucher for the amount paid for a future holiday, and valid for 18 months following your intended arrival date.   We improve this by offering you either a voucher OR a full refund of the monies paid (less our banking processing fees of approximately 3%).  We do not accept your monies paid in to our “Revenue” account until you check-in at VéloGîtes.

If your holiday has started and travel restrictions (including quarantine) are introduced, then unfortunately we will not be able to refund any monies if you choose to return home before your check-out date.


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