Carp Fishing on the Vienne River

One of the reasons that we chose to launch VéloGîtes in Availles-Limouzine is due to the amazing fishing here, right on our doorstep.   The “Parcours de Pêche” is just 500 meters away from VéloGîtes and attracts the best carp fishermen across the world for several competitions throughout the year.   The Availles-Limouzine Carp fishing club website is one of the most visited sites in France and for good reason, fish up to 40lbs in weight are pulled out of the river (and of course returned).

Availles-Limouzine is also one of a few loctions in the department where anglers are able to fish throughout the night.

Parcours de Pêche, Availles-Limouzine

Hébergement de Pêche

During Autumn 2020, the President of the Vienne Fishing Association and the President of the Availles-Limouzine club visited us. They wanted to see for themselves what we can offer fisherman and they were not disappointed.  We were proud to be awarded the label “Hebergement Pêche” following the visit and were only the third accommodation provider in the department to be awarded the label.  We were also approved to sell fishing licenses here.

Quite apart from the River Carp here, several other species are often caught here including very large Catfish, Pike and Perch. If river fishing isn’t your thing then there are a large number of commercial lakes in our area, just a short drive away.

VéloGîtes, hébergement de Pêche

Wild Carp Adventures

Knowledge is everything and we are delighted to announce that we are working closely with Wild Carp Adventures based here in the Vienne department.  Headed up by Wayne Barling and his wife, Katherine, their knowledge of the area is second to none.  Wild Carp Adventures offer a number of packages for anglers including bank river fishing at “special” locations, trips on the river by boat, and also access to some of the best lake fishing in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.    The team also stocks tackle and bait by Urban Bait, Ridgemonkey, Nash Tackle and DNA Bait to name a few.

Wayne gets booked up very early year after year, so we strongly recommend booking your perfect French Carp fishing trip as soon as you know your holiday dates. Please email us your requirements and we will get in touch with Wayne and Katherine on your behalf.

Wayne Barling Wiuld Carp Advntures

Wayne Barling landing another huge carp

VéloGîtes was launched to offer a perfect family holiday here in France.  If some members of your group are not avid anglers, then it is easy to combine the fishing with a relaxing fun stay here in Availles-Limouzine.


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